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Creativity is key to innovation, but good management is key to bringing it to fruition. The challenges that most lean startups and established businesses in the innovation /technology space face are how to manage investment in innovation the right way. How do they make the most of government tax exemptions, grants and incentives? How do they track and measure the success of their projects? How can they measure the impact of their overall investments in innovation on the bottom line?


 It can be complex, but Hillyer Riches can help you through the fog of uncertainty. We devote the time and effort to the background detail, which frees you up to invest in your innovation, manage team progress, and make prudent, timely decisions. Working together, we ensure that you reap the reward from your investments. 

Accountants that Help You with Innovator and Early Investor Tax Law
You have an innovative idea? After the ATO amended tax laws for innovators and early-stage investors in 2016, new tax concessions have opened up for startups with high growth potential, especially in the innovation and technology space. This includes a 20% carry-forward tax offset per year (total combined amount: $200,000) and an exemption from capital gains tax for qualifying investors (with investments held between 1 and 10 years). We can advise if you qualify and guide you on how to make the most of these concessions.

Accountants that will advise you on Research and Development Government Tax incentives

Is research and development on the cards for your business? The federal government has a program in place to assist Australian businesses innovate through R&D. Your business could receive a cash refund of 43.5c for every dollar you spend on R&D! Businesses with a turnover of less than $20 million p.a. can potentially have a 43.5% refundable tax offset applied. We give you the best possible chance to gain maximum tax incentives.

 Accountants that will Guide you through Export Development Market Grants

Are you in the process of developing or wanting to develop export markets for your products and services? Why not take advantage of the federal government’s initiative to help small and medium enterprises develop export markets? You may receive up to 50% reimbursement for eligible export promotion. Our all inclusive service ensures you maximise all of your potential entitlements. Let us do the hard work. We’ll like sure you get your grant applications right the first time.

Accountants With Simple Easy to Understand Fees

Each investment strategy is different, so we tailor our fees to your investing style and the level of advice you want.

Your package will be simple and affordable.

We help you understand right from the start what your full costs will be for the year. You won’t get charged extra every time you talk to us or send us an email. We actually like to talk to you and would rather you raise concerns or issues early so we can help you succeed.

We don’t get paid commissions or advise on individual assets. We can advise you on your overall investment risks and asset mix conflict-free, and with only your wellbeing in mind.

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