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Experienced. Insightful. Strategic.

You have a great business with a strong team and business processes.   However, the business has become more complex and there are changes every day in your sector that you must respond to.

There are more people involved and more stakeholders everywhere you look.  Where once you felt extremely nimble, change management and communication have become more challenging. You know you need to ride the wave of innovation and take the opportunities offered by new processes and technologies, or you’ll be left behind.


The opportunities are exciting, but you need a clear strategy, strong change management processes, a new level of financial analysis, reporting and controls, and advisors you can trust.

Hillyer Riches provide an objective, independent eye on your business. We specialise in working with your finance department to address the unique challenges faced by mid-sized enterprises, and you can count on the fact that, with us, you’ll always deal with an accounting firm that treats you as a valued partner.

Always Deal With an Experienced Partner

Does this sound like you?

1)    You’ve outgrown the experience of your previous accountant and don’t just want simple tax returns completed each year.  You are looking for professionals with experience in the complexity of mid-sized businesses who can provide strategic advice and help develop financial management, reporting and risk management frameworks.


2)    You’re fed up with your current large or mid-sized accounting practice who offered partners and said all the right things at your initial interviews and have then shuffled you off to junior accountants. You get charged for every phone call or email – they make you feel like you’re a burden, not a valued client.


3)    You know that in order to grow, you need to change, to be innovative, to stretch and meet new customer expectations. You don’t want to stifle innovation, yet you’re unsure how to finance and manage the innovation process with your usual approach to accounting.

If that’s you, it’s time for a change.

Changing accountants sounds like a headache, but you’ll be surprised how easy we can actually make it. Once it’s done and you have the professional support you want, you’ll be really glad you did it.

With Hillyer Riches, you will always deal with an experienced partner. You will never be handed off to junior teams with little experience.  You can be sure that your accountant will be at the end of the phone or available to meet in your office.

The Right Accountants for Mid-Sized Businesses

Hillyer Riches specialise in mid-sized businesses.  We:

  • work closely with your finance department and complement their skills
  • provide crucial financial insights for your business planning
  • provide tax advice and administration
  • help you maintain standards and enhance your business reputation
  • provide support in selecting and implementing management information systems
  • recommend process improvements
  • help you identify and mitigate risks
  • strengthen your relationships with banks and investors
  • provide advice during corporate transactions
  • assist in attracting capital and other activities that enable the current and future success of your company

A Real Partnership

Our relationships are based on listening and developing genuine partnerships.  We value the expertise of your team and your knowledge of your business.  We bring specific financial, tax and risk management expertise that can enhance the capability of your team and contribute to their ongoing development.  By leveraging the expertise in each organisation you can achieve great results, surprisingly cost-effectively.

Sound Like the Kind of Accountants You Need?

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