2013 Mature Age Worker Tax Offset Changes

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    The mature age worker tax offset of $500 that is for those over years of age and earning under $63,000 has been changed. For the 2012-13 year and onwards, you must have been born before 1st July 1957 to gain access to the offset.

    The offset phases in at 5% until the taxable income reaches $10,000 where the full offset is available. The offset then starts to phase out at 5% from $53,000 and the offset reduces to nil at $63,000 of taxable income.

    Example 1: Net income from working $40,000 but total income above $53,000

    David, a Camberwell Accountant was born on the 15th March 1957 and works part time earning $40,000. He has other investment income of $20,000. As he has net income from working of less than $53,000 and was born before 1st July 1957 a full offset is available.

    Example 2: Net income from working $57,000

    David is an accountant in Caulfield and earns $57,000 on a part time basis. As his income from working is above $53,000, his offset entitlement is:

    $500 – [5% x (57,000 – 53,000)] = $300

    Only net income from working is eligible for the offset. Net income from working includes:

    • Personal Services Income/personal exertion income
    • Business Income including partnership income
    • Reportable Fringe Benefits
    • Reportable Employer Superannuation Contributions

    Less the deductions as a result of working. Some amounts are specifically excluded from the definition of ‘net income from working.’ The definition excludes for example lump sums from superannuation payouts and employment termination payments.

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