Small Business and Energy Efficiency

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    From Caulfield, to Melbourne to New York, everyone is jumping on the Clean Energy, money saving wagon. Whether you are a “green” advocate, a mad recycler or just want to do your part for the environment, Hillyer and Riches Accountants want you to know about some new initiatives to help small business make a difference and stay competitive in today’s market.

    There are 2.4 million small businesses in Australia alone, not a number to sneeze at. These new Energy Cut initiatives are practical steps, hints and tips to manage your rising energy costs. Small businesses also account for nearly half of the private sector employment, making their impact a substantial one.

    The Clean Energy Initiative provides a simple 20 step guide to saving energy costs. Some of the tips include: management of air conditioners, containing transportation costs and securing financing available for efficiency upgrades.

    Energy Cut is a joint initiative of the non-profit Do Something and the Council of Small Business Organisations of Australia (COSBOA). Some of the funding came from the Department of Industry and CEFC finance has already helped several businesses control energy costs by installing solar photovoltaic systems.

    Some other examples include:

    • A plastics manufacturer located in Victoria and Queensland halved their energy usage by installing upgraded ovens.
    • A fresh produce supplier in Victoria cut their costs by ¼ when they upgraded their refrigeration system.
    • A foam manufacturer halved their electric bills when they switched out to induction lamps.

    It’s clear that small businesses are taking advantage of these cleaner energy options to cut their costs and making less of an environmental impact. These cuts also keep small businesses competitive and position them for continued future growth. It is important that small business think BIG when it comes to saving money and make well-informed choices.

    To learn more about the Energy Cut Initiative and how to take advantage of the tips to save your business money, visit their website. You can download an informative PDF copy of the Energy Cut guide to read on your computer or print it out and distribute it to your staff at no cost. Feel free to also send the link to your suppliers, clients and anyone else that might benefit.

    Hillyer and Riches want to make sure your business is being practical and save money, whether through tax tips or being more energy efficient. If you have any questions about small business taxes, or accounting advice, give our Caulfield office a ring.



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